Pet Hair Remover


Simply slide the remover back and forth over the effective area. Our Pet Hair Remover will help to keep your home and clothes free from fur.

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    The Pet Hair Remover has a very effective fleece and its semi-roller coated with a static charge material makes it quick and easy to remove fur.  It picks up hair from those highly sticky areas such as carpets, furniture, rugs, stairs, bedding and sofas in just a couple of passes, simply slide it back and forth over the area.

    Its self-cleaning system makes it easy to clean. The roller will clean itself and collect all hair and fur into the top compartment. The collection tray is easy to open to dispose of the fur.

    It works brilliantly with dogs, cats and rabbits’ fur, and even fine dust and fluff.

    Our pet hair remover can be reused meaning no need for expensive replacement parts or refills.

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