Comfy Cover Stone


If your pet likes nothing better than sitting on your furniture then our machine washable non-slip covers will help.  It has a luxury super soft pile so makes it a preferable place to go for a dog or cat and protects your sofa/furniture and keeps them clean of dirt and odours from your pets.  It has foam padding to help guard against claw marks, particularly useful with leather furniture.

Size: 100 x 170cm

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    The Comfy Cover’s non-slip backing helps to keep the cover in place when the dog gets on or moves around ensuring it doesn’t slip down like a traditional blanket.  The extra-long length then helps to keep it in position.

    Can also be used as a floor blanket or something to sit on in the garden.  As it’s machine washable it’s easy to wash and dry.

    Machine Washable at 30C.

    100 x 170cm.

    *Please note: Colours may differ slightly due to batch dye. 

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    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 170 cm

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