Backseat Car Cover


The same luxury comfort as our sofa Comfy Covers but now for the car! All the same qualities but made to fit on your cars backseats.

Size: 130 x 125 cm

Machine Washable
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    The same luxury comfort but now for the car!

    A luxury, super soft pile that makes a comforting place for your dog. The Comfy Car Cover secures around the headrest with adjustable clips and moulds into the seats to hang over the seat. It has a non-slip backing to stop it moving around when your dog(s) move in the car and has seat belt cutouts to ensure your dogs are clipped in safely. The thick, absorbent pile stops claws and mud from seeping through.

    Suitable for all backseats with 3 adjustable headrests.

    *Universal Size*

    Size: 130 x 125 cm

    Machine washable.

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    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 130 × 125 cm