Top Tips when travelling with your dog

Posted on 25 July 2023 Categories: Blog

Whether it’s a staycation trip to the seaside, getting lost in the woods or travelling further afield to find the sun, travelling with your dog has never been easier. With hotels, campsites and Airbnb offering dog-friendly accommodation, it’s great to get away with your pup by your side. We’ve got some tips to get you set for your next trip.

Think about Car Safety

Did you know, in the UK, the Highway Code states animals must be suitably restrained so they cannot distract you whilst driving?  
There are a few ways you can do this; if your dog is crate trained, this will be an already familiar environment for them and is the ultimate restraint.
Travel harnesses are another suitable option, especially if your dog is more comfortable travelling on the car seats. Make sure you have the attachment for a seat belt clip, or it has a loop to slide the seatbelt through the harness (and to keep the car seats clean, make sure you have the Pet Rebellion Car Seat Carpet). Don’t forget, when travelling on the front passenger seat, don’t forget to turn off the airbag.
If your dog prefers a larger, open space the boot may be their preferred method of travelling. A boot gate will prevent them from jumping through to the front of the vehicle. Your dog will still need to be secured using a harness or crate.

Keep food, treats and medications on hand

Keeping those essentials on hand makes it easier to ensure your dog has everything they need to keep them happy. Our Pet Travel Bag is a great accessory and even has 2 lined carriers to keep fresh food cool.

Pack their favourite things

Travelling to new places can be equally as nerving as it is exciting for your dog. Bringing familiar items from home can help reduce anxiety. Pack their favourite toys, their bed and a special blanket.

Our collection of personalised flat beds are ideal for travelling whilst giving your furry companion a little space of their own. These luxury beds are compact and waterproof whilst being comfortable.

Check your accommodation

Many hotels, resorts, campsites and Airbnb’s have dog-friendly accommodation but it’s always worth checking that dogs are welcome and whether they are restricted to certain areas. It’s always worth asking whether they provide dog bowls, bedding or towels so you know what to pack.

Plan their toilet and exercise breaks

Travelling with a dog can be like travelling with an infant. Both need frequent toilet breaks and opportunities to stretch their legs. If you’re driving, research dog-friendly service stations or stops along your route.

Keep them hydrated

Dogs need access to water whether they’re travelling or not. Pack a travel bowl and let your dog drink during breaks.

Finally, make sure their ID tag and microchip are up to date

In new surroundings, dogs can get lost easily. Although we all take precautions to keep our pups safe, having their ID tags and microchips up to date will give you peace of mind.