What do you do when your dog is a chewer?

Posted on 14 February 2023 Categories: Blog

Most, if not all puppies go through that chewing stage, but some don’t fall out of the habit as easily. Dog toys, bedding and even furniture and clothing can fall victim to a chewy dog but for some dogs, chewing can be a sign that they are boredom.

To overcome this boredom, you can try tactics like playing or taking them out for a walk but sometimes this bored mood settles in when you’re not around.

Here at Pet Rebellion, our team are very familiar with chewy pups and has tried and tested some chews to help when the boredom chew sets in.

Yaks Milk Chews

Yaks Milk Chews are a natural chew made from skimmed Himalayan Yak’s milk, a small lime juice and salt. They are very hard and durable, rich in protein and calcium, and help fight plaque and tartar.

These chews are suitable for puppies over 4 months old. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available. When they near the end of the chew, place it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds until it puffs up. Allow it to cool and then give it back to your dog as a little treat.

Nylon Bones

These bones are made from virgin nylon and are flavoured with natural flavourings. We’ve used both Nylabones and TastyBone and they help your dog’s teeth and gums become stronger, protecting against infections. They have variations suitable for puppies, small, medium, large and extra-large dogs. As these bones are flavoured, there is no salt, sugar, additives or preservatives making them a healthier alternative to edible chews.

Coffeewood or Olivewood Chews

A close-grain wood that is hard and durable. These wood chews are dried and lightly sanded making them a healthy, safe, and satisfying chew for your dog. These wood chews do not produce sharp splinters and are a good alternative chew for dogs that need to watch their waistline.

Deer Antlers

Deer shed their antlers every year, where they then grow a new pair. These shed antlers can be made into dog-safe chews. They are healthy, untreated, nutritious, and long-lasting chews coming in all different shapes and sizes. Suitable for puppies over 4 months old.

Buffalo Horns

As with Deer, Buffalo shed their horns and they also make fantastic chews for dogs. No additives are high in protein and calcium and promote good dental health. The Buffalo horns come with hollow middle so you can stuff this with yummy treats such as peanut butter, kibble, cheese, or liver paste.


Most pet owners will be familiar with the trusted Kong. You can’t beat Classic Kong as a great simulation toy. They come in various sizes but also have disabilities (puppy, classic, senior, and extreme). Stuffing them with various tasty treats – see our Pinterest Board for some suggestions.

Hopefully, some of these chews will help with your chewy puppy/dog and if you have a tip for someone with a chewer, share them with us on our socials.