How to comfort your dog during firework season

Posted on 25 October 2021 Categories: Blog

Firework season can be really stressful for dogs and their owners. There are a few ways we can help our pets feel more comfortable and help them to cope during this time of the year. 

Go for walk before it gets dark

Make sure you get your evening walk in before it gets dark; during the winter this can be difficult but the earlier you can get out, the better chance you have of missing the fireworks when you’re out and about.

Feed your dog earlier

When the fireworks start going off, your dog may be too stressed to eat, so feeding them earlier will hopefully stop them from going off their food.

Create a safe space

A dog den is a great place to start. Dogs will usually try to hide under something, either a bed or under a table, so creating a den is a great way to help them feel safe and secure. Use blankets, cushions, their favourite toys and give them a bone or chewy stick to help distract them.

Our comfy covers and cosy rugs are a great way to start your cosy, comforting dog den or safe place.

Try not to leave them on their own

Your dog may start to panic if you’re not around and they’re left on their own,  so try to stay with them throughout the evening. By staying close by, you can offer them physical and spoken reassurance.

Room Sprays or Plug-in Adaptors

There are calming room sprays or even plug-in adaptors that release a mimicking calming fragrance that is naturally immitted from mammals, birds and reptiles. Although this may not work for all animals, it is generally proven to help aid in calming.

Provide a distraction

Having some form of background noise, such as the TV or radio is great to reduce the shock of the loud, sudden noises. Give your dog a nice treat such as a chew stick or a new toy and if they are comfortable enough, try playing with them or practise reward-based training.


Dogs are really good at picking up on human emotions, so if you stay calm, they will be much more at ease. Having a cuddle with them and telling them some reassuring words such as “good boy/girl” will really help to relax them.

If you’re setting fireworks off

Consider your neighbours with pets. Sticking a poster or a note through their door prewarning them that you plan on setting off some fireworks will give them a chance to plan how to keep their pet looked after.